As a way of adding beauty to a person’s natural hair, people wear weaves created with natural hair or materials that are synthetic. Unlike natural hair, they require good cleaning since they do not receive oils from your scalp. These simple ways on how to wash hair weave below will help you keep them beautiful and clean.

Wash while wearing it
You will need to have two applicator bottles with you to help you apply oil or shampoo to your scalp and natural hair as well.
To do this, you need to fill one bottle half with shampoo and the other one, half with water that is at room temperature. The water will help you in feeling the mixture when it reaches your scalp. You can also choose to add some olive oils which will help you to alleviate itching and cleanse your scalp
After you do this, you need to have your hair saturated with water in the shower while you part your weave hair extensions with fingers. It will help expose the hair beneath and the scalp as well You will then have the shampoo mixture squeezed onto your scalp and hair in a manner that fits every part. Use your fingertip to rub your hair and the scalp so as to make sure you cleanse it very well and then apply your mixture of shampoo to the length of your weave and run your fingers downwards as you clean it. By doing this, you will avoid creating tangles.
Lastly, you will have to rinse it very well with clean lukewarm water and apply the conditioner in the same way you did with the shampoo. Brush your hair weave with a comb and rinse out the conditioner well.
wash hair wave
Wash your natural hair and weave separately
You can also decide to wash your hair weave separately. First, you will need to take your hair weave out and check it if there are any coils formed to avoid pain when pulling it off. To avoid such pain when removing it, start by brushing it gently downwards while smoothing it slowly and as you finish, ensure you wash your head with warm water.
Your next step will be removing the hair weave from the scalp and checking for any damages. Wash it with warm water and shampoo and avoid rubbing it as this may cause tangles. Make sure you mark each piece to make it easier when re-attaching it. You can choose to dry it manually or put it in a paper bag with a conditioner and use a microwave to dry it if you are in a hurry to do other things.
After doing all the above, you are now good to put your hair weave back to your head. Always remember not to put on wet hair weaves as they may develop a smell that you may not like. Well, there you have it! Use the above two best ways on how to wash hair weaves and continue to look beautiful.

hair braid
Braiding of a horse’s mane and tail can be traced back in history nearly as far as the domestication of horses themselves. While the original reasons were largely a matter of prestige and appearance, it became obvious through the years that there were numerous health benefits to braiding a horse as well. Throughout the years, popular braid styles and forms have changed, but the act of braiding a horse has remained popular even to modern times.

Enjoying the benefits of horse braiding for you and your stable is quite simple. With a few common tools and a little practice, this will become a near effortless part of your routine with lasting benefits. The first step involved in learning to braid a horse is choosing the braid you would like to use. Popular braids include the Running Braid, the Hunter Braid, Regular Braids, the Continental Braid and the French braid. Of course, there are hundreds more from which to choose.

When choosing a braid, you should consider the skill required, the length of your horse’s hair, the time available and the desired overall appearance. For beginners, the French Braid and Regular braids are a good starting braid to hone your skills. Regardless of the braid type chosen, you should always start with the same steps to achieve optimal results.

These important steps are a thorough washing of the horse’s mane and tail and proper detangling of the hair. However, you should never use conditioners or treatments to detangle the hair. While it takes more time to perform this manually, treatments will leave a sheen and texture on the hair that can make it difficult to braid. This often results in a braid with reduced visual appeal that is prone to falling quickly. After the hair has been prepped, you can start braiding. It is recommended with most braids to start near the base or top of the hair and work your way down. This will create a cohesive appearance. Should you need assistance with the process, there are a number of hair braiding kits available that include brushes, combs and other tools often used to braid horse hair.
easy hair braiding
While your first few attempts might be time-consuming, once you have practiced you will notice a significant decrease in the time it take to your braid your horse. However, this personal time spent with your horse will not only promote proper health and increased appearance, but also strengthen the bond between you and your animal friend.

Braiding horse hair is critically important if you have a show horse, however for other horses it may also be a good idea. There are a lot of benefits to braiding the mane on your horse besides just looking good. It will also help to ensure that the hair remains healthy.

The reason that most people braid the mane on their horse is to make it look more attractive. This is especially true if you compete in dressage, it is pretty much a requirement in that case. Having the hair of the mane neatly braided will make it look much better. It also allows you to show off the muscles in the neck which is something the judges look closely at in competitions.

The other big reason that people braid horse hair is that it can go a long way to preventing skin diseases. Horse manes have a tendency to get tangled up and those tangles make excellent homes for parasites. These can really irritate the skin if they are allowed to stay there so it is necessary to get rid of them. One of the easiest ways to do this is to not give them a place to live. If you keep the hair on the main braided there will be no tangles for the parasites to get into the skin will be a lot healthier.

hair braidBraiding the hair on the mane will also help that hair to grow better. Just like human hair if it is allowed to grow all over the place the hair on the mane will break. When this happens it grows very slowly and tends to thin out. Putting the hair in braids can help prevent this from happening and allow healthy hair to grow. One of the other advantages of braiding horse hair is that after you have done it for awhile it becomes less necessary to do it. Obviously if you are going to show your horse you need to keep braiding the hair. However if you are just trying to have a horse that looks good and has a healthy mane you can stop braiding once the hair has been trained. Naturally most horse’s have mains that will fall haphazardly on both sides. If you braid it consistently however it will train the hair to fall in the same direction. This helps to keep out the tangles and eliminates most of the need for braiding.

Choosing a hairstyle can sometimes really be challenging especially in certain situations. There are so many beauty hair braids out there that telling the best will be so impossible. However there are certain hair braids that are always considered preferable for certain occasions and more over there are some that favorite to some people and not to others. Basically when it has to do with the best beauty braid to make you stand out or appear unique and desirable especially for a date, Valentine’s Day or similar occasions when there is need for you to leave a lasting impression on your partner or lover, I believe there are not so many options of beauty braids that can achieve that. Particularly I believe heart braid beauty hair style is the best. It is a relatively simple to make braid which involves making a curved line at the back of your neck which usually end behind the ear and repeated on the other side. Braids are then made from the hair on both curved part on both side and then weaved into a ponytail.

Apart from being a perfect fit for valentine and dates, the Heart Braid Style can also add clamor and grace to your overall appearance especially when you want to get girly with your looks. It is stylish, brilliant, pretty and highly artistic. Infact It is considered a Bohemian hairstyle because of the art involved. Most importantly it is fun to make. It is merely a twist on your average French pigtails. The extent of accuracy of the hairstyle depends on how perfect the curve is done so you must be careful to create a perfect curve with this hairstyle either with the help of a friend or by yourself. Below is a step by step procedure to help you not just to make a heart beauty braid but to make the best one.

heart hair braid1. Before you start, make sure your hair is very clean. Since this is hair style will involve braiding, it is advisable to use a small quantity of a dry shampoo on the hair to make it easier to handle.
2. Next thing to do is to create a centre part at the topmost part of your head like the centre of a circle or something, not a perfect circle though. This depicts the shape of the heart with the centre constituting the main body of the heart and the side of the head taking the place of the edges of the heart.
3. Next you will need a comb (preferably a rattail comb) to create one side of a heart by drawing a curved line that ends just behind the ear. This is done one side of the head close to your ear region. This should represent one side of a heart.
4. After that you may want to clip the other part of your hair to prevent obstruction. Clip the hair back and repeat what you did in step 3 above on the other part (adjacent) part of your head close to the your second ear.
5. Now that you have successfully made a guide for the heart on both sides, the next thing is to create a French braid which is the integral part of this hair style. To do this, you will have to create a reverse French braid starting at the crown of your head. When doing this, please avoid picking up hair anywhere close to the centre of the hair which forms the inner part of the heart. Use the hair from outside the heart shape and be very careful to follow the curved part created as you make the braid
6. Continue braiding until you reach behind the ear. Now going back to the portion of the hair we clipped earlier. It is now time to loosen the clipped hair which is at a side and merge in into the tiny braid we recently made.
7. After joining the back hair into the braid, the French braiding is continued down up to the nape of the neck When this is achieved, the braid is then clipped. Next is to repeat everything you did for one section of the head close to one ear for the other side of the head repeating step 4 to 7. At the end you should get a symmetrical shape that resembles a heart, of course this will largely depend on how much precision taken in creating the curved parts.
8. Now we have successfully made two braids. The next thing is to bring both braids towards the centre region of the neck and Interlock them. This is where the ponytail look originates.
9. To add a finishing touch, use a hairspray to bring out a rigid look. There you have it, your astonishing Heart braid Style, just enough to add to your styling arsenal.