Making The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

For those who do not drink coffee they can’t understand what the attraction is to this amazing drink.  When it comes to coffee it has a different meaning for different people.  For some, they drink it because they enjoy the taste, aroma and flavor combinations that they can crate.  For others it is the caffeine and energy rush they receive.  When it comes to coffee however, there are two basic scales, caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee miami fl

Fresh ground or pre ground

When it comes to coffee, the initial state is that of a bean.  This bean is harvested from the coco plant family and then grounded into a fine powder.  This powder is then filtered with hot water creating the coffee we drink.  The majority of coffee drinkers will drink the ground coffee more often than the bean version.  Mainly for convenience.

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Flavored coffees

The debate between pure natural coffee or flavored coffees will range on forever.  Personally I like favored coffee.  I love the smell of vanilla and spices.  These when mixed with water and cream will create a delightful brew.

Coffee Strength

Coffee will have different strengths when brewed.  This is controlled by the processing of the bean itself as well as the amount of grounds and water used.  Some people love it strong, a grow hair on your chest strong while others enjoy a more mellow blend.


Coffee is also used for creation of deserts.  The grounds are sprinkled on ice cream, yogurt and other foods to give them a unique taste and flavor. 

A million and one uses

Coffee has a million and one uses.  There are also a wide range of varieties of coffees, combinations of coffees and not to mention great health benefits.  When it comes to coffee there is a taste and a blend for everyone.